MMTk is a memory management toolkit providing language implementers with a powerful memory management framework and researchers with a multi-runtime platform for memory management research. It is a complete re-write of the original MMTk, which was written in Java as part of Jikes RVM.

Under construction MMTk is under active development. While it is not yet ready for deployment, early adopter language implementers and memory management researchers can start using it experimentally.


We have an open and active user community that includes academic researchers, students, and industry partners. You can join the conversation on Zulip and GitHub.


The MMTk project is generously supported by the Australian Research Council’s Discovery program, grant DP190103367. One of the goals of that research grant is to develop research infrastructure that facilitates memory management research in runtimes for languages such as JavaScript and Python.

Australian Research Council

The project would not be possible without industrial support. To date we’ve received generous sponsorship from Shopify, Huawei and Google. Each of our industrial partners has provided us with no-strings-attached support for the development of this open source memory management framework.


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