MMTk generally has projects suitable for research students who are interested in getting involved in the project. We try to label suitable issues accordingly.

Ad Hoc Projects

If you’re interested in doing a project you’re always welcome (encouraged!) to reach out via Zulip at any time.

Summer Projects

Each (southern) summer we host a number of summer research internships for undergraduates. These run for about 10-12 weeks and are based at ANU, but open to anyone. We’d like to expand this project to the northern hemisphere, and in the northern summer of 2021, we’ll be inviting students to participate in projects remotely.

If you’re interested in a summer project, please take a look at the projects currently listed, and reach out to us on Zulip, letting us know what your interest is and what your background is. We’re not confined to the projects listed as issues on github, so if you have something specific that you think would help advance MMTk and make a good research project, please let us know.

Summer 2021 Projects

In the southern summer of 2020-2021, we had four summer undergraduate research interns. Their end of project talks are listed below (about five minutes each).

Angus Atkinson | MMTk Ruby Binding

Angus Atkinson: MMTk Ruby Binding

Rouane Bannister | MMTk Tutorial

Rouane Bannister: MMTk Tutorial

Paige Reeves | MallocMS

Paige Reeves: MallocMS

Kunal Sareen | A Generalized Framework for GC Analysis

Kunal Sareen: A Generalized Framework for GC Analysis